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Building a Culture of Consent & Respect

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"Thank you for coming to Shaw... thank you for sharing new insight into dating and relationships"

~ Col Jim Post, Shaw Air Force Base

"The amazing part was the thing that took place after we watched the video. My daughter was really open about her own anxieties... She said, 'Dad, I deserve this respect and I expect it from now on...' "

~ Anonymous Parent

"I found myself laughing, answering the questions, and nodding my head in agreement with the audience. We've been told to 'keep the lines of communication open' with our sons and daughters, but nobody ever told us how to do that."

~ Anonymous from WI
  • Creating a Culture of Consent & Respect for Over 13 Years!

    Ever wonder why The DATE SAFE Project was started over 13 years ago? In this quick radio interview Mike Domitrz with The Big AM 1380 host  Ted Ehlen discuss how it all began and where we are going including: New exciting evidence based research that shows our programs are making a significant difference. Misconceptions on consent, […]

  • When Sex Gets Real

    Mike recently sat down with Dawn Serra, host of Sex Gets Real and had a frank conversation about about consent, respect, rape, sexual assault, dating, hook-ups, and why married folks in 40 year marriages need consent as much as teens dating for the first time. Sex Gets Real is a podcast dedicated to providing advice on everything from navigating […]

  • Rewind

    Today The DATE SAFE Project brings you a special poem from an amazing student guest blogger, Marcie Fennell. Her words are powerful  and we think you will agree. Rewind By: Marcie Fennell Rewind the movie back to simpler times. Before my heart was covered in torturous vines. Vines that were carefully woven into my blood vessels […]

  • Trump: his words, his “defiant” apology, and us.

    1) A “defiant” apology is not an apology. If Trump were a child making that apology, almost no parents would accept it. In fact, most parents I know would be sitting down that child and teaching them what “sorry” means and what “to apologize” means. 2) An authentic apology does not defer the focus onto […]

  • It Needs to be more than “That Talk”

    “If you tell your child to go kiss grandma and they say they don’t want to, and you reply ‘but grandma loves you’ – you just taught your child that if you love someone, you owe them intimacy.” This is powerful discussion about raising empowered children. Friends, you’ve heard Mike talk about dating but have […]

  • How to thrive after trauma by loving your body, mind, and spirit

    Good evening friends, Today, we want to share with you the opportunity to attend a powerful and transformative free online audio summit hosted by our friend, Svava Brooks: “Journey to the Heart! – FREE Audio Summit” September 15th – 30th. The purpose of this FREE audio summit is to help others who have lived through challenging past […]

  • Stopping the Perpetuation of Rape Culture

    I love spending time with my aunt. She takes me to work, we gossip, I tell her about all the guys I could just die for…. We spend a lot of time together. One particular evening, however, I will never forget. We were sitting at the table. Picture this scene: Two grown men, two grown […]

  • Creating Relationships Built on Respect

    Join Maria Reitan, host of “Purse Strings” on Cranberry Radio and Mike Domitrz in this powerful and content rich 30 minute discussion. Mike shares not only the story that became The DATE SAFE Project but amazing “How To” skill sets for building mutually amazing relationships! HIT THE PLAY BUTTON BELOW and listen to this insightful […]

  • ”Can I Kiss You?” LIVE!

    Thanks to everyone getting the word out, with just a couple of weeks on the market, the “Can I Kiss You?” book is starting to take off! The team at The DATE SAFE Project is so grateful for your support! WE are making a difference! Because of you we have achieved not one, not two…but […]

  • #WeStandUp: Social Workers

    **The following is a Special Guest Blog Post (#WeStandUp): #WeStandUp: Social Workers for Survivors of Sexual Assault “The abuse that happened is not the only part of the person…that certainly shapes who they are, but doesn’t define who they are” as said by Josie Torielli, a licensed clinical social worker from the New York City […]