Meet Mike:

For over a decade, Mike Domitrz has been inspiring individuals with his hilarious sense of humor and his uncanny ability to draw hard-hitting emotion from audiences. Schools, organizations, military bases and more constantly rave about what a lasting impact he has with his audience.

Why does Mike have such an intense passion and drive to share with people of all ages? In 1989, he received a phone call that his sister had been raped. As he held the phone tightly to his ears, he simply could not believe what he was hearing. Mike decided to make a difference. As he researched the issue of sexual assault and dating on college campuses, he constantly heard students complaining that most sexual assault seminars were boring and depressing. Mike knew what needed to be done.

With his background in entertainment, he created “Can I Kiss You?” – a fun, interactive, and thought-provoking program that focuses on why “asking first” makes all the difference. Since 1990, Mike has been motivating and igniting change around the world. Today, he is one of the most sought-after speakers, authors, and subject matter experts. To bring his one-of-a-kind programs to your community, call (800) 329-9390.

Founder of National Organization

In addition to his speaking and writing, Mike Domitrz founded and is currently the Executive Director of The DATE SAFE Project. Through interactive presentations, creative educational resources, and unique national initiatives, The DATE SAFE Project is committed to being the nation’s leading organization for creating healthier dating environments, a clearer understanding of “consent” and for raising awareness on the many issues surrounding sexual assault.



As Mike was speaking throughout the country, he was continually receiving requests from students, educators, and parents to create educational products which share the powerful lessons he reveals in his Can I Kiss You? program.  People wanted a resource that was just like his presentations — interactive, humorous, challenging, emotionally honest, and filled with skill building activities.

Since that time, Mike has become one of the most respected and prolific writers and producers of materials addressing healthy dating, consent, sexual decision-making, bystander intervention, sexual assault awareness, and supporting sexual assault survivors.

csp-color-logoSpeaking Excellence & Recognitions

Mike was the first professional speaker addressing sexual assault, healthy dating, and intimacy to earn the Certified Speaking Professional designation by the National Speakers Association. Only 7% of professional speakers worldwide achieve this credential and to receive the CSP, you must average at least a 7.5 out of 10 in every category (Mike averaged over a 9 out of 10) with at least 50 clients a year for 5 consecutive years.

“Mike Domitrz is the ultimate professional in the speaking industry. He cares deeply about helping each individual and does so by giving everything to everyone (he does not hold anything back). His combination of integrity, passion, and giving spirit are inspiring and the reason so many of us in the National Speakers Association continually seek him out.”

– Chad Hymas, Hall-of-Fame Speaker and Author of Best-Selling Book, Doing What Must Be Done.

Awards & Recognitions

While Mike has received tremendous recognition for his books, his activism, and his speaking out to raise society’s awareness about sexual assault, his greatest reward is his family of four sons and his wonderful wife. Their overwhelming support is what makes Mike’s work that much more meaningful for him!