*Calling all K12 Educators, Sexual Assault Advocates, Victim Advocates, Crisis Center Employees and Program Managers!

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Licensed K12 Instructor

When: November 29-30, 2016
Where: South Dakota 
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By becoming a Licensed K12 “Can I Kiss You?” Instructor, you will:

  • Reduce sexual violence among teens while helping them properly support peers who are survivors,
  • Increase the number of teens who intervene to stop alcohol-facilitated sexual assaults,
  • Impart life-changing communication techniques to students in your middle schools and high schools,
  • Advance your public speaking skills while engaging the toughest audiences, and
  • Bring greater fulfillment to your professional—and personal – life.

Training Program Overview:

By participating in this comprehensive training, you will have the opportunity to become licensed to present the “Can I Kiss You?” presentation in every middle school and high school in your region for the next year.

The Curriculum

In addition to learning the content inside the “Can I Kiss You?” program, the training includes a thorough curriculum for ensuring your success with each presentation. See the full curriculum

Plus, included in your registration, you will receive all the marketing and promotional materials needed to help your local schools want to bring the program to their students and help them run a successful presentation with you.

Takeaways & Your Experience:

  • You will be challenged, entertained, and inspired by the creator of “Can I Kiss You?”, Mike Domitrz. Mike is an award-winning speaker and critically acclaimed author who speaks to over 40,000 people each year and reaches millions more via media and news outlets.
  • Upon completing your training, you will be excited to get into your local schools and deliver your first “Can I Kiss You?” presentation to middle school students and/or high school students. Most important, you will have a unique set of skills and knowledge to make an even greater impact in the lives of countless students.

An Amazing Value:

How much does it cost?

We know how many crisis centers and nonprofits are struggling to financially survive right now. For this reason, we continue to keep the registration fee dramatically down from what other nationally-renown speakers charge for their licensing and training events which typically cost thousands per person.

To become a licensed instructor of the K12 “Can I Kiss You?” program, the rate is $397. Note: All presentations of the “Can I Kiss You?” program must be delivered to local middle schools and high schools for free (no cost to the schools unless you choose to charge for travel expenses and wage reimbursement for the presenter).


Space is Limited!

Find out more information on how to become a Licensed Instructor!

Contact Rita at 800-329-9390 or Rita@datesafeproject.org

*Preference will be given to K12 Educators, Victim Advocates and Crisis Center Employees in South Dakota.

Hear it from other Licensed “Can I Kiss You?” Instructors

“The Training to become licensed with the “Can I Kiss You?” program is like no other educational experience you will encounter. You will be inspired to want to immediately get into your schools and start sharing the incredible lessons and strategies you’ve just learned. . . .” – Jamie Catlett, Volunteer Coordinator at C.O.V.E. (MI)

“To be honest, my administrators were a little concerned with the topic, but once they saw the presentation, they all thought Mike did an excellent job of handling a difficult topic in a very safe, respectful way. Actually, Mike does an amazing job. We have heard nothing but positive comments from students and staff alike. . .” – Pat Hannam, Lakes High School (WA)


Curious what your instructors guide contains?

Sign up HERE and receive the first chapter lesson for free!

With over 70 pages of interactive exercises and flexible lesson plans, you can customize the “Can I Kiss You?” – Instructor’s Guide to fit your group’s needs!

The guide is printed on 60pt paper to allow for notes and highlighting and is spiral bound for facilitator ease of use including the making of page copies.

The full Instructor’s Guide includes:

  • Dynamic lesson plans for each of the 10 “Can I Kiss You?” chapters
  • Materials Needed
  • 10 Icebreaker Activities
  • Lesson Overviews and Objectives
  • Key Take-Away Vocabulary
  • Multiple Chapter Lessons
  • 35 Activities
  • Chapter Quizzes and Answer Keys
  • Notes Sections


Space is Limited!

Find out more information on how to become a Licensed Instructor!

Contact Rita at 800-329-9390 or Rita@datesafeproject.org

*Preference will be given to K12 Educators, Victim Advocates and Crisis Center Employees in South Dakota.