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Honoring Sexual Assault Activism Month

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April is Sexual Assault Awareness ACTIVISM Month. Do something unique each day to honor survivors and/or to create positive influence toward reducing sexual assault.  Starting today, we promise to post one unique image, video, and/or other outlet to promote April as Sexual Assault Activism Month. Join us by sharing your comments in the LEAVE A […]

MTV “Skins” Show Controversy on DSP TV

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The controversy surrounding the show “Skins” on MTV is being discussed on TV, blogs, and in print around the country. Parents and parenting organizations are protesting and boycotting. One major advertiser has already pulled Ads from being aired during the show. In this episode of DSP TV, we discuss a component of the show most are not talking about. After watching the video below, SHARE your thoughts in the COMMENTS section.

All Guys are Jerks and Women are Trouble

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How often have you heard a teenager, student, and/or parents make statements such as, “All guys are jerks” and/or “All girls are trouble“? Often people use derogatory generalizations to scare younger individuals from dating and/or to help a friend “feel better” after being unhappy in a relationship. Watch this episode of DSP TV to see […]