If you want more, there is more.

Mike Domitrz is known for his ability to tailor each presentation to the needs of the students and staff in attendance – while always working within the framework of the campus’s standards. If your school has a unique culture or you would like Mike to present his program to a very specific body of students (Athletes, Greek Life, etc…), Mike will discuss all of your needs and wants — prior to his arrival at your school. Below are just a few examples of the audiences Mike customizes his program for:

  • Residence Life
    Mike Domitrz works closely with your Residence Life department to create a tailored workshop for all levels of leadership (from Administration to Resident Directors to RAs to your residents). He will challenge your leadership to evaluate how they address healthy dating issues and how to build the most supportive atmosphere for survivors within your halls. His program is continually a hit at ACUHO-I’s International Convention each summer and has been written about in “Talking Stick.”
  • Greek Life
    Fraternities and Sororities rave about Mike’s entertaining and interactive approach. Greek Life students are frequently mandated to attend a certain number of sexual assault awareness events. In doing so, they often expect the presentations to be filled with boring statistics. Mike surprises them by using no statistics and by talking to each student as an equal. First, he gets them laughing and then he gets them to create positive change on their campus.
  • Athletics
    As a state championship coach and a collegiate athlete himself, Mike has a special talent of connecting with athletes. Instead of lecturing, Mike talks with athletes in a language they understand. He provides them with practical solutions and simple skills needed for each person to make positive changes — in their own life and in the lives of the people around them. He inspires athletes to take action that will create a safer community….while at the same time greatly improving the image of the athletic teams on campus. Be sure to call 800-329-9390 to ask Rita about potential funding sources for campuses who have athletes attend the program.
  • Student Associations
  • Orientation Leaders