A must-see video for parents of pre-teens & teens:

Healthy decision-making is what you all want.

Real Solutions to Tough Conversations – skills to embrace:

  1. How to start the talk and get your teen to listen.
  2. Three questions that define if your teen should be dating.
  3. What to say to your teen’s date.
  4. The exact words for addressing intimacy.
  5. How to establish clear & reasonable boundaries.
  6. The power in Asking First.
  7. Discussing the dangers: from Alcohol to Sexual Assault.
  8. How to truly “Be There” for your child.
  9. Necessary tools to help your teenager make good choices.
  10. Essential tips to fun and safer dating for your son or daughter.

The DVD Set includes 4 SPECIAL BONUS sections:

  • The Internet and Keeping Your Teen Safe. Get some great insight on how to handle your teen’s use of the online world. You get more control!
  • Spirituality, Faith, & Dating. For families who’s faith is important, you will find this feature a great addition to the DVD. You find out how to incorporate religion appropriately into the discussion.
  • Sexual Choices Our Teens Face. Yes, your teens have more opportunities for sexual experiences than most of your generation did. What is common around the country? What is really going on. Find out here.
  • Access to Special Downloads. In addition to receiving the paperback books, you get e-book versions included on the DVD and several articles to download. Share them with family & friends.

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