Repeatedly sharing statistics concerning rape with our military members and telling them “What Not To Do” results in them quickly having Training Fatigue (add-in PowerPoint and the fatigue rises to levels of complete disengagement).

What is needed? A cultural transformation in how the military discusses sex, respect, consent, bystander intervention, and supporting survivors.

In this briefing, subject matter expert, Mike Domitrz will:
  • Share insights and specific skill sets for creating long-term cultural transformation toward respect, sex, consent, bystander intervention, supporting survivors, and the language we use.
  • Reveal simple techniques that everyone can immediately use – from our young, single military members to our more seasoned, married leaders.
Perfect for:

Command, Leadership (Senior Enlisted, Officers), Program Advisors, SARCs, SAPR, SHARP, and interested personnel.


  • Discover why having a “Fun, Sex Positive Discussion” is essential. Equally important, find out how exactly how to have that discussion in an appropriate manner.
  • Gain unique insights, precise steps, and effective strategies for TRANSFORMING the culture within the military toward healthy sexual discussions, eliminating double-standards, increasing bystander intervention, and dramatically reducing rape from happening.
  • Overcome challenges and barriers leaders are facing. Domitrz will work with the entire group on specific issues/concerns. Bring questions with you into this briefing. Prepare to share what you are you sick of hearing about in trainings focused on reducing sexual assault. Bring up concerns you are having about
    the efforts to reduce rape in the military.