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Educator, ally, expert, and award-winning author & publisher on healthy relationships, dating and sexual assault.

With The DATE SAFE Project’s Founder, Mike Domitrz, you get one of the leading voices on healthy dating, consent, bystander intervention, and sexual assault throughout the world. You get real-life examples from a critically-acclaimed author and speaker to share with your audience. Since Mike’s sister was sexually assaulted in 1989, he has devoted his life to helping protect others.

Plus, you get an organization that understands the media needs compelling and powerful information which the audience or reader can relate to in a meaningful and/or entertaining fashion. Whether you need a fun perspective on dating or a hard-hitting segment on sexual violence, you will be given captivating material by everyone here at The DATE SAFE Project.


Articles: Written by Mike Domitrz & The DATE SAFE Project

Below, you will find articles and press releases addressing various issues regarding healthy dating and sexual assault awareness. To obtain permission to reprint any or all portions of the below articles written by Mike Domitrz, e-mail by clicking here.