Start talking, keep trying,
and never give up.

Strengthen your ability to help your son or daughter today – initiate a conversation that will help your child make safer & smarter choices.

“Parenting is challenging at any age but parenting a teen is hardest of all. Mike Domitrz understands the tension between teens and their parents and even more critically, between teens and their peers.”

- Linda Hugle / Principal of North Valley High School, Grants Pass, OR

“The amazing part was the thing that took place after we watched the video. My daughter was really open about her own anxieties… She said, ‘Dad I deserve this respect and expect it from now on’…”

- Anonymous Parent

“I found myself laughing, answering the questions, and nodding my head in agreement with the audience. We’ve all been told to ‘keep the lines of communication open’ with our sons and daughters, but nobody ever tells us how to do that.”

- Cheryl Einsweiler, Parent and Community Resources/Educator