Programs for Parents & their Children

We all want a mutually amazing relationship for our children.

There are many ways The DATE SAFE Project can assist in your pursuit to provide your teenager with the right tools and skills for making the best choices regarding dating, intimacy, alcohol, and helping friends. Check out our resources below and to the left. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

“HELP! My Teen Is Dating. Real Solutions to Tough Conversations”

This seminar changes the way parents and their teenagers are approaching, discussing, and handling decision-making regarding dating, intimacy, and parties.

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Customizable Parent Programs

Issues with sexting, sexual harassment or other destructive behaviors regarding consent, respect and bystander intervention going on in your childrens’ school? DATE SAFE can help.

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“Can I Kiss You?”

Our “Can I Kiss You” program is not just for teens; it can be a very impactful for both parents and teens.

Learn me more about the “Can I Kiss You?” program