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DATE SAFE Project and founder, Mike Domitrz, can provide the expertise and solutions needed to address hot topics and issues for your media coverage and publication needs. Below, you’ll find show and articles ideas by category.

If you need more ideas than the ones listed below, just let The Date Safe Project know and we will create a powerful show or article idea just for you. In addition to the below concepts, we can put together an entire series of articles and programs for you (multiple television news segments or a series of articles for a publication). Plus, we can provide a live program with an audience.

Hot Topics

  • The Realities of Sex & Teenagers
  • Athletes, Sexual Assault, The Media, & Our Legal System
  • Putting Out – The Dangers of the Internet Online Portals.

General Audience

  • Teenagers are “Asking For It”
  • May I Kiss You? Is Asking Really Necessary?
  • How to “Open the Door” to help your children speak out when sexually assaulted!
  • Date Rape In Your Community
  • 10 Women and 2 Men Are Changing America’s Understanding of Sexual Assault.
  • Survivors of Sexual Assault Come Together to Inspire Others.
  • The 3 Rules To Intimate Talking
  • Making Intimacy Stress-Free & Fun
  • Turning a Tragedy into Inspiration ~ The Personal Story of The Date Safe Project.
  • All He Had To Do Was Ask. Where is the Outrage?
  • Date Rape, Rape, Prevention, Sexual Assault, & Awareness — the words we use.
  • Working with Students in Schools

Parents & 40+ Audience

  • “May I Kiss You?” Do Your Kids Ask? Parents Teaching Respect & Healthy Dating
  • How Do Get Your Kids to Open Up About Sex & Intimacy?
  • The PREDATOR in your living room (its your kids boyfriend or girlfriend)!!
  • Good Kids Do Sexually Assault!
  • How to “Open the Door” to help your children speak out when sexually assaulted!
  • The Important Question Your Kids Will NOT Ask You This Summer.
  • Moms and Dads: Sexual Assault Is Part of Your Kid’s Dating Life
  • Don’t Fool Yourself – Dating Has Not Changed Much!
  • The Inequality of Oral Sex Amongst Teenagers.
  • Teenagers and College Students

Teenagers & College Students

  • 7 Dating Tips Your Friends Never Tell You
  • Winning the Body Language Challenge
  • Dating Disasters – Did You Read the Signs?
  • How To Ask for What You Want on a Date!
  • What The Other Gender WANTS You to Know.
  • Going Beyond What is Expected: Student Leadership When Addressing Healthy Dating & Sexual Assault

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