“Train the Trainer” Workshop

In the  “Train the Trainer” Workshop with Mike Domitrz, teachers & staff will be energized and learn skill sets to truly make a difference in their own school. This session can also be done for student leaders – empowering them to enlighten their peers and lead by example.

Perfect for: Staff, faculty, and student leaders


In “Train the Trainer on Discussing Consent & Sexual Assault with Students,” everyone will discover:

  • A refreshing and powerful format to teaching leaders how to facilitate thought-provoking conversations, programs, and presentations on peer education, healthy intimacy, and/or sexual assault
  • How to take a simple approach to tough questions from college students
  • How to handle difficult situations with male and female students – including how to discuss “both sides” of students’ concerns
  • The secret to creating a balance of careful and effective use of humor verses hard-hitting questions